At the dawn of 1st confinement, Théo managed to move away from the functional aspect of his work and concentrate on purely artistic creation. Thanks to the wide range of materials accumulated and the singularity of the context, the series THE DISRUPTIVE ELEMENT emerges. This sculptural composition project is built around ANTHROPOCENE: The Age of Man. Indeed, Théo’s work revolves around humans and the upheavals they continue to wreak on a worn-out planet. The artist is multiplying his exhibitions, but it’s time for research, to deepen the mediums developed previously and to open up to new experimentation, which will give birth to USELESSNESS. Oscar Wilde wrote in the preface to The Portrait of Dorian Gray: ‘[…] All art is quite useless’, so Theo will sculpt from everyday objects whose function he will annihilate with fire. Yakisugi, Sharding, the processes spring forth to interact with a spectator powerless before an object deprived of its essence, but imputed with a mission: to access a degree of value higher than utility. This counterpoint led to his first solo exhibition in Paris.


Théo Drucker was born in 1998 to a Franco-Colombian mother and a Franco-Israeli father. This union of cultures enabled him to develop in a rich educational atmosphere, stimulated by eclectic travels and encounters that nurtured his attraction for creation. It was this atypical alliance between a haute couture model with a keen sense of aesthetics and a former building contractor whose expertise has made his reputation, that intrinsically triggered Théo’s need to create. At the age of seven, Théo was diagnosed with Burkitt’s lymphoma, a malignant tumor which, thanks to 8 chemotherapies and unfailing family support, went into remission. It was during this period of hospitalization that he began to experiment more intensely with drawing, painting and sculpture. Healed, he took an interest in carpentry, mechanics and electricity alongside his scientific studies. Fashion is also at the heart of his research, and he is keen to embody his vision of Beauty. In love with France, he nevertheless took off for : New York, London, Tel Aviv, Medellin… Extended stays in bustling metropolises that expose him to the variegated world of contemporary art. Between city-worlds and luxuriant nature, the Americas and the Middle East, his eye is forged. Polyamorous but loyal to his native France, he expresses himself through scenography, notably thanks to the foundation of Amplitudes, a collective organizing cultural events, bringing together from a few hundred to over 4,000 people. His challenge? To link the arts by proposing spaces that form a link between music, dance and visuals. But Théo is far from confining himself to space design; the product has always been at the center of his attention, resulting in the design of custom fixies and motorcycles. Then it’s through contemporary furniture that he continues to shape his minimalist aesthetic.