During the last exhibitions she had, Amélie Haut was often asked why she liked to paint vanitas, these compositions of skulls and bones that many describe as morbid. But all these skulls and pieces of skeleton are unified in their state. White or black, yellow or red, young or old, rich or poor, weak or powerful, all return to this unique state of bone for eternity. And remind us that life, short and fragile as it is, must be lived with joy and lucidity. Protected. And appreciated at best. Gratefully. The choice to exhibit in an osteopath’s office is therefore absolutely not free! Thanks to Thibaut Lugand, osteopath!


Even though she loved the drawing and painting classes of her adolescence, the chances of life first pushed Amélie Haut towards literature, the teaching of Romance languages, translation and writing. She therefore came to painting very late. Her meeting, in 2010, with the artist Isabelle Ravet (Isara) was decisive: the temptation to paint reawakened. From 2013, she increasingly constructs compositions that tend towards trompe l’oeil, hyperrealism and especially vanitas in the style of the Spanish Renaissance. What interests him most in his work is narration, the story that everyone can construct from his paintings. The questions and reflections they raise in each of us.