PHOTOGRAPHY (10-15 photos)LA TEMPERATURA DEL COLORE / tracce b/w + astrarre col.IT/BE 2021 Paper Hahnemühle Photo Rag Baryta 100% cottonFor a year, during the confinement caused by the Covid 19 pandemic, I was stranded in Belgium.A year frozen and motionless, like the long winter without light, without color, where I found myself living, suspended between ecstasies and neuroses, poetry and immobility.*When I finally left, freed and revitalized, I made a stopover in Italy, in my country, quite naturally.This light blew my eyes out. I had such an anxiety about color that I didn’t know how to deal with it: to look beyond Belgium, to look at that blue sky a thousand times obscured by clouds, to look at the immense, very strong light. In addition to the gray, traces of blue and yellow appeared in my photographs, usually in black and white. That would have been enough, but it wasn’t enough. I realized that what I was looking for was not to frame an object, but to try to enclose color and light. What I was trying to do was to treat the surface of the image like a canvas, like a sheet of paper: chromatic writing, exemplifying everything as much as possible, isolating blue, yellow, white, green and red. Abstraction was the best way to become concrete, pragmatic and factual. Things were there, they had “a geometric whiteness”, it was “a simple stele of air” (Pietro Citati).I was with things, I followed them, I followed the wind and clouds and short human shreds.I was things.-COME UN VISIBILE NULLA / Nebbia a Castromediano (1)(No hay caminos, hay que caminar) IT 2021Paper Hahnemühle Photo Rag Baryta 100% cottonCan you photograph what you can’t see, stand on the threshold, make the nothing visible? Looking at the fog, scrutinizing and capturing that moment when things clear up: that’s it. The image is something between life and death, between what is and what is no this esoteric game of apparition, nothing is more serious, nothing more intense, “nothing is deeper than what appears on the surface”.-VIDÉOPASSAGES, video installation b/w, HD, 16/9, 02:27IT / BE 2022produced by Undr written, filmed, and directed by Gianluca Colitta editing Stefania Vanoussis sound design Thibaut Jamar cast Julia BondoneELLE, who arrives as if from the distant past, looks at us then disappears. I like to think she’s in a lost place of consciousness, a secret, intimate place within herself. SHE is on the threshold of something. Like a ford, a passage, from one (E)state to another. A long shot, a single character, a single woman, crystallized in a time that, despite everything, is passing. Some people refer to this cinema as slow cinema. But I think it’s simply a way of looking at things, and the only one I can think of that encourages reflection and opens the door to mystery. It requires patience and calm. Digital time is sudden and fast, while mine refers to something to look for, to wait for…”. What is durable and slow hesitates to withdraw” (Byung-Chul Han).


Gianluca Colitta is an Italian film director, a photographer, and a teacher. He holds a degree in Humanities with a thesis on the History of Cinema. Since 2004 he has created and directed several experimental videos, short films, various performances, and video installations, photography projects, and he published a book. He funded a cinema and visual arts company and a blog of photos; he collaborates with magazines of culture and visual arts. He teaches Italian to foreigners in Belgium, and he holds screenwriting courses. His video-works have been presented and shown in Italy, Belgium, China, Romania, United Kingdom, Austria, Spain, India, Finland, and United States. He hates writing about himself and would prefer to tell his story only through his work. He lives and works in Belgium.