Il Posto is the first company in Italy to specialize in site specific performance on vertical surfaces. Originated in 1994 in Venice, the partnership between choreographer Wanda Moretti and musician Marco Castelli formed in order to create vertical performances that combine dance, architecture and music, merging the dramaturgy of the shows to the places in which they are represented and thus inspiring new ideas, reflections and perspectives.

What we do
We produce vertical dance on historical and contemporary buildings, indoor and outdoor, on bridges, towers, cranes, but also in theatres, museums and industrial environments. In addition to archive shows, we create tailor-made shows and design customized performances as requested for public and private events. We carry out training activities for dance professionals and amateurs.

Our artistic language
Vertical dance is understood as a body that moves perpendicularly to the wall by establishing a relationship with the space according to a new perspective. The architecture and landscape play a central role, marking and distinguishing each show. The music is created specifically for each show. It is customized accordingly for each place and performed live with the combination of the saxophone & live electronics. The shows on building facades are ‘performance-discovery’, through the sensory reading of architecture, poetic action, and the enhancement of a place with unique features.