STOPMOTION” SERIES Like any photographer, Jeanlouis Boccar captures moments that will never return. But here, time is slowed down until it freezes for eternity. It is stretched, in perceptible intervals, stromboscoped, and comes to rest on improvised poses. The female silhouettes, often captured on the fly, are witnesses to seconds ticking away, then stopped on the line of existence.


Jeanlouis Boccar, born to a French mother, was introduced to the world of visual arts at a young age by his father, a director of photography. Being self-taught, Jeanlouis Boccar embarked on a multifaceted career as a photographer, painter, and illustrator. As early as 1994, he emerged as one of the pioneers in digital creation and actively contributed to the production of music videos for artists such as Gottainer, Heaven 17, Dire Straits, and Plastic Bertrand.

Functioning as a freelance art director and designer, Jeanlouis Boccar collaborated with numerous advertising agencies. In the realm of comics, he has published a dozen works as both an illustrator and scriptwriter, with contributions to renowned publishers like Casterman, Glénat, and Echo des Savanes. His digital paintings found recognition when exhibited in Los Angeles during the inauguration of the “Right Bank Music” studios in 2012 and 2013.

From 2012 to 2013, Jeanlouis Boccar showcased paintings from his “It’s a woman’s world” series in Paris and Brussels. In September 2014, he marked the release of the book “IBIZA ART lines,” chronicling 30 years of his creations (video production, comics, painting, and photography) on IBIZA. Starting from June 2016, he initiated exhibitions of new paintings on Ibiza, generously employing large formats with ink, pastel, acrylic, and encaustic oil on paper. Simultaneously, the artist delved deeper into photography, commencing his stop-motion series.

In 2016, Jeanlouis Boccar re-entered the corporate events sector, specializing in real-time projected drawings on iPad, encompassing caricatures and seminar illustrations. His clientele extended to notable organizations, including the European Community. In 2017, he ventured into photo exhibitions and published the novel “20 ans déjà” through Lamiroy.

Collaborating with ART UNITY GALLERY in 2018, he presented a photo exhibition at AAF Brussels, Knokke, and AAF London. In 2019, he contributed to a corporate comic with TJ éditions and published the novel “Roméro et Juliette” under the Lamiroy banner. From 2019 to 2023, Jeanlouis Boccar continued his involvement in various events. He also released the live album “L… comme beauté,” featuring a selection of portraits of women created for social networks. Currently, he resides and works between Brussels and Ibiza.