Crematorium Uitzicht III In this third series, dedicated to the Uitzicht crematorium, Sérgio Santa continues to explore space through images. Repeating the journey, revisiting the idea of the architectural walk, reliving and viewing the crematorium in a new light. The architect has definitely left the stage (?): the gradual approach to the crematorium, which began with sketches, then the capture of the space from a distance and the appropriation of the space through photography, culminates in an appropriation of the image. The observer is invited to enter the image, to inhabit it, to pupulate it with his or her own interpretations. Here, rather than recreating the space of the crematorium, a new place is created. A space within a space invites everyone to take their own walk between light and shadow, the eternal dichotomy. Inevitably, this series takes a deeper look at mourning. The development of the images has become contaminated by everyday life. The inescapable confrontation with black, which, if carefully observed, reveals its subtleties, the shapes that make it up. This black is dense enough to allow details to emerge with longer or more attentive observation: it’s not an exasperating, opaque black, it’s a black with depth. It allows us to explore plasticity and meaning. Sérgio continues to strive to establish a mental journey and to allow different possibilities for discovering his photographs. This series is a digression into the plasticity of the image, which in turn is an exploration of the mind. Sabrina Dâmaso, June 3, 2023


Sérgio Santa was born in Lisbon in 1983, where he studied architecture. In Brussels since 2013, he began studying silver photography with Armyde Peignier at the Ixelles School of Arts in 2020.